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Website Design & Development Services

Welcome to Studio 19 Eighty, a Caerphilly web design agency

From the first conversation, to the launch of your website, we work collaboratively with you to create a website that has been engineered to satisfy your business objectives. Great website design is much more than just how it looks. Professionally built websites promote credibility, engages with your target audience, provides an intuitive user interface and an easy to use system to make updates to website content.

“When done right, a website will be the most profitable and powerful marketing tool for your business”

Content management

Update the content of your own website easily and as often as you like using a Content Management System.

You have most likely heard about CMS systems in the past. Today though, all websites should be powered by some type of Content Management System as it is essential that all website owners have the ability to update at least the basic content at any time, as often as they need without any cost or developer assistance.

“Although we offer a website management service, most of our clients now update their own websites using a Content Management System”

Using a Content Management System ensures that the ownership of your website content remains yours.

Not the only one

Studio 19 Eighty is not the only website development company that produces content manageable websites. It just makes sense that clients have the ability to make changes to content without the costs of developer assistance and in truth, every website development company should provide a CMS system with the websites they build.



Custom built websites

When you need a completely custom look, navigation and functionality that is perfect and no template can serve, you are unique, you are CUSTOM.

Designing and developing custom websites has been our core focus since the beginning. We’re an interactive web design agency that offers cost effective, affordable and professional end-to-end solutions including but not limited to:

• Web Development

• Web Programming

• Web Design


Custom web design, user-interface and graphics

Every custom website we design starts with a blank canvas. We create mock ups that fit your style and preferences. We start with the homepage. Once that is approved we start on every other key page for your website ensuring every single detail is accounted for. We have found this to be the best way to avoid spending extra time and money during the coding and programming processes that will follow.


Cross browser

The reality of it is, many of the websites that are done “professionally” just don't display correctly in the many web browsers used today, and on top of that you now have to take the many mobile and tablet devices that are used by the modern internet user.

All of our websites are cross-browser compatible with the added option of mobile and tablet versions if requested. Most people using the internet can view your site properly, without the need for a mobile or tablet specific build. The difference with mobile and tablet specific builds is that they are built for the best possible experience on their retrospective devices.