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Mobile & Tablet Websites

By 2012 roughly 15% of all website traffic was from mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones. By 2013 this was said to of increased to 20-25%. The majority of traffic data we see at Studio 19 Eighty, from monitoring our customer’s analytics show that roughly 36% of the traffic is from mobile & tablet. It’s important to realise what information your mobile customers are looking for. Most often the most important bit of information for this group of users is things like, opening hours, contact info, menus and location.

Mobile Websites by Studio 19 Eighty Caerphilly

For business owners, having a mobile and tablet ready website is a chance to gain new customers by providing a great customer experience and showing just how progressive your company is!

Key Considerations

Thinking of taking your website to mobile & tablet? Here are a few things to consider to ensure the success of your mobile & tablet ready website.

Mobile Website Design Caerphiilly

Key Website Features

A glimpse at some of the features that come as part of every custom mobile and tablet ready website we build.

Studio 10 Eighty Mobile Website Features


Information on the go

People in today’s age want information fast and when on the move. Advancements in technology now mean that customers expect you to deliver a website that works on multiple devices.

Companies that have not adapted their websites to accommodate mobile devices may miss out on an opportunity to attract customers.  Mobile phones and tablets are some of the most personal forms of communication and have fast become the most popular devices for viewing the internet.

When developing websites for mobile you have to keep some key facts in mind. People have started using mobiles and tablets because time is important


Mobile Website Design Caerphilly